Thursday, January 14, 2010

An interview with uber set decorator Beth Rubino!

If this room speaks to you, then you MUST run over to my radio podcast blog The Skirted Roundtable where I have an excellent podcast interview with set decorator Beth Rubino.

Something's Gotta Give has become the #1 most popular movie set of a house and we chatted with her about her "method decorator" style and how she helped make this amazing set into the fourth main charachter in the movie. We also discussed with Beth why the paint colors used in movies cannot be replicated at home "You couldn't live with them" she said.

So please, join us!


hdayton said...

Hi Linda, I really enjoyed the interview. Do you know where the footstool/ bench in the living room between the fireplace and ottoman is from?

Linda Merrill said...

Hi Hilarie - I'm afraid I don't know about that bench. It's possible it came from an antiques store or flea market. It has a vintagey Asian feel to it, doesn't it? If I ever come across it, I'll be sure to post it.